Culture Club News

June 2007:

Sam dedicates 'Victims 06' recording to Boy George.

"I'll always love George for the magic of music he brought us all. I wish him always the best in his life and future and I'm grateful for the chance to have been able to cover the classic Culture Club songs he was part of, as well as to write and sing new songs for the group."

The recording, made at the Sussex studio of Phil Pickett, was broadcast on regional BBC radio late 2006 and had been recorded that year for use during Culture Club media interviews to promote 2006 and 2007 live shows


Threatened legal action halts dvd production work.


The July 2006 Culture Club Concert DVD master is completed and cover artwork being finalised.

Free giveaway CD's issued with the UK's Sunday Express Newspaper. All songs were recorded at the December 1983 Culture Club concert at Hammersmith Odeon, London.

CD1 Tracklisting:

CD2 Tracklisting:


Planning underway for 80's Culture Club giveaway live hits cds to be included free with Express newspaper in February.


Culture Club under consideration for the support slot at New Years eve Wembley concert---a position eventually filled by 'Bjorn Again'.
Mikey and Sam appear on BBC Radio London interview including perfomance of 'It's a Miracle'.

November 2006:

Sam appears on 2 additional radio show interviews including 2006 studio performances of 'Victims' and 'It's a Miracle'.

5 November 2006:

Extended live set and new Culture Club song, 'If Tears Were Gold' debuted at energetic live concert in Devon, UK.

1. White Boy
2. It's a Miracle
3. I'll Tumble for Ya
4. If Tears Were Gold
5. Time
6. Black Money
7. Move Away
8. God Thank You Woman
9. Do You Really Want To Hurt Me
10. Victims
11. I Just Wanna Be Loved
12. Church of the Poison Mind
13. Miss Me Blind
14. Karma Chameleon

October 2006:

Culture Club continues live rehearsals.
Jon, Sam and Mikey undertake various promotional interviews.
Decision taken to postpone the December UK tour in order to concentrate on writing and recording new material for a potential release in 2007.

September 2006:

Culture Club announces UK tour to begin in Manchester UK on December 7th.

1. Dec 7 Manchester
2. Dec 8 Sheffield
3. Dec 10 Harrogate
4. Dec 11 Birmingham
5. Dec 12 Newcastle
6. Dec 14 Glasgow
7. Dec 15 Aberdeen
8. Dec 16 Liverpool
9. Dec 18 Brighton
10. Dec 19 Bristol
11. Dec 21 Southampton
12. Dec 22 London Shepherds Bush

Sam works with designer Kurt of 'Cherry Nirvana' and MAC make up artist 'Tasha' on image and designs for December tour.

August 2006:
Writing for proposed new Culture Club album begins in East Sussex.

14 August 2006:
Mikey and Sam are interviewed in the TV studio on Channel 5 television news. Part of their performance of 'Karma Chameleon' from 25th July is aired.

25 July 2006:

Mikey, Jon and Phil unveil Sam, Culture Club's new lead vocalist, to the world with a live performance at Too2Much in London. Press attends along with a camera crew who films the concert for a planned 2007 Live DVD release. The crowd goes wild and several positive media mentions in the UK press and on the Internet worldwide result.

1. Do You Really Want to Hurt Me
2. It's a Miracle
3. Move Away
4. Black Money
5. Church of the Poison Mind
6. Miss Me Blind
7. I Just Wanna Be Loved
8. Karma Chameleon

July 2006:

Rehearsals for Culture Club's return to live performing take place secretly in London.

June 2006:

Tony Gordon, Phil, Jon and Mikey audition and select singer/ songwriter Sam as Culture Club's new front man.

May 2006:

Culture Club is reborn…
Advertisement: "The original members of Culture Club search for a unique star vocalist with a brilliant voice, boy or girl.... NOT, repeat NOT a karaoke Boy George 'look-a-like' but a charismatic and unique performer in his or her own right with something truly fresh, contemporary and original to offer."